Work like an owner, think like a customer

October is sure a busy month! In addition to being National Women’s Small Business Month (#NWSBM), Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and an awareness month for several other worthy causes, it is also Employee Ownership Month. As you may know, Hypertherm has been 100 percent employee (or as we call ourselves “Associate”) owned since the beginning […] Read more

Surf Dogs 2_Thumb

Authentic art from two Austin sisters

October is National Women’s Small Business Month! What better way to celebrate than by featuring women like Ariane and Alexia, sisters, moms, and owners of Authenticaa, a business in Austin that makes art. The sisters use mainly reclaimed wood and metal, along with natural stains and eco-friendly paints. Quoting the sisters, “We try hard to […] Read more


I used to be an octopus

Amazing? Incredible? Wicked awesome? We’re not sure how to describe this dragon crafted by Michigan welder and artist Lou Rodriquez but it sure is something. It’s even more impressive when you consider this 20 foot long, nearly 9 foot tall dragon is made completely out of steel. Lou says he used a Powermax65 with a […] Read more


Choosing an air plasma system

Deciding you want a plasma cutter is one thing. Actually choosing from among the various options out there is a whole other matter. There’s so much to figure out like what brand to get, and once you have that figured out, choosing from among a brand’s different options. We’re admittedly biased when it comes to […] Read more


Twenty one years and still going strong

Here at Hypertherm, we work hard to ensure our plasma, laser, and waterjet systems won’t let you down. Still, we love hearing stories like this one that validate the longevity and reliability of our systems. This particular story comes to us from Burford Plumbing in Jackson, Mississippi where Airgas just now replaced a Hypertherm HT40C […] Read more


Bridge building from years to weeks

We’ve posted about bridge construction before and how Hypertherm products are playing a part in the rebuilding of America’s infrastructure. Here’s another example of how bridge building is changing. Instead of taking years or even months, a new construction method known as a lateral slide is making it possible to replace a bridge in just […] Read more


New issue of SPARK!

Just in time for the long weekend when you are sure to have plenty of time for (beachside?) reading, Hypertherm is out with its Summer 2015 issue of our SPARK eNewsletter. This season’s newsletter features an article about bridge construction. You might remember our post, Bridge Construction then and now, from July in which we […] Read more

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