Choosing the right pump size for your waterjet system

When it comes to waterjet pumps, bigger isn’t always better. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of two different sized pumps: 60,000 psi vs. 90,000 psi. Advantages of a larger pump: – Can cut thicker (more than 4″) material – Can cut at a higher cut speed – Uses less abrasive Disadvantages […] Read more


HyAccess extra long consumables for more Powermax systems

Have you heard? Hypertherm’s HyAccess consumables are now available for more systems! Until now, only owners of our Powermax30, Powermax30 XP, or Powermax45 could use HyAccess. However, now these extra long consumables are available for 11 more systems. Those systems are the Powermax65, Powermax85, and Powermax105, in addition to legacy Powermax and MAX systems with […] Read more


Electrical safety

This month’s ei, a magazine from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, contains an article co-written with Hypertherm Vice President of Engineering Aaron Brandt. Aaron and his co-author Derek Silva, Director of Global Products Marketing for Intertek, make an interesting point: Though U.S. manufacturers work with nationally recognized testing laboratories to ensure their products meet electrical […] Read more


Optimizing the use of plasma cutting consumables

Guest post by Jim Colt Today more than ever, the busy fabricating shop spends a fair amount of effort improving shop floor efficiency. When this involves a busy CNC plasma cutting operation, the focus is always on getting more and higher quality parts off the cutting table for each and every shift. Behind the scenes, […] Read more


Then and now

How much has technology changed over the years? Take a look. Here we show you three different comparisons. First up, our MAX40 first introduced in 1986 (nearly 30 years ago!) vs. our Powermax30 XP, introduced last year. Fast forward two years to 1988. This is the year we introduced our MAX100, a state-of-the-art, cutting edge […] Read more

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