Welcome to SPARK the blog

We’re launching SPARK the blog for a few reasons. The first, we think there’s a lot of misinformation about the best way to cut metal…or stone…or whatever else needs to be cut. As a manufacturer of three different types of cutting methods-plasma, laser, and waterjet-we think we’re in a unique position to help you choose […] Read more


The future’s so bright…

Today we’re talking about eye protection. We sometimes get asked what shade rating is needed when cutting with plasma. The answer: it depends. The American National Standards Institute (known simply as ANSI by most people) ties the shade level to the amperage level of your system. If you’re using a lower amp system you can […] Read more


How to choose the best cutting process

Hypertherm presented a webinar last week titled “Plasma, laser, oxyfuel, waterjet.” The webinar explained how each of these four cutting processes work, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and provided guidelines on how to choose the best process for a particular need. It’s difficult to cover a 45 minute webinar in a blog post but […] Read more


Amps vs. true cutting power

Hypertherm recently presented a webinar on amps vs. true cutting power. It’s a topic that sometimes causes confusion as there’s a belief among some people that amperage determines the “power” of your system. It’s not unusual to hear someone claim their 40 amp system is more powerful than another persons 30 amp system and so […] Read more


1 x 4 = unlimited potential

Today we’re going to talk about Built for Business Integrated Cutting Solutions. It’s this idea that we can multiply the capabilities of a cutting system by designing it to work as one integrated system. It sounds logical, but unfortunately the process of putting together a new cutting system doesn’t always follow the above path. Often […] Read more


Making better holes with plasma

Making good-quality holes with plasma is easier than ever with Hypertherm’s True Hole technology, but what if you don’t have True Hole? Though not quite as automated, it is entirely possible to make some very nice holes using plasma on a non-True Hole system. Here are some things you can do to get your holes […] Read more

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