Torch and consumable guides

Hypertherm manufactures a lot of different torches and consumables. Not just because we think it’s fun to make lots of stuff, but because we know all jobs are different. You can’t just apply a one torch (or consumable) solution to every single job out there. Someone needing to cut up a 2″ thick skeleton is […] Read more


Why Powermax?

Here’s a question we get a lot…why should I buy a Hypertherm Powermax instead of a (sometimes much) less expensive competitive air plasma system? It’s a good question and, as consumers, we often ask the same question when out shopping. After all, no one wants to waste hard earned money. There are a number of […] Read more


Introducing our 2016 webinar offerings!

Hypertherm is excited to announce a new line-up of educational webinars for 2016. We kick things off later this month on February 25 with the first of two webinars on consumable care and optimization. This is probably our most requested webinar topic, ever. Jim Colt’s presented on this subject a number of times, but what […] Read more


Cutting hard to reach areas

Sometimes you’re faced with a job that isn’t easy. (Okay, so maybe it’s a lot of the time.) The items you need arrive late, a critical tool decides to act up, a well thought out plan turns out to be not so well thought out after all. We can’t stop those days from happening, but […] Read more


Okay hot rodders, this post is for you!

Our first post of 2016 covers hot rod (or we suppose any sort of automotive) restoration and customization. Hypertherm Auto Guru JoAnn Bortles recently came across a job in which she had to lower a truck. This required the addition of a C-notch kit. Here’s how JoAnn explains it: “The C Notch procedure is very […] Read more


Automated cutting – Bringing an idea to life

No matter which automated cutting method you choose, the steps for turning your idea into a finished object are the same. You create a computerized drawing, import to your CAM software, generate a cutting program, and load into your CNC. Let’s look at each step individually to better understand how the process works. Step 1: […] Read more


Deciphering air plasma system ratings

By system ratings, we don’t mean the number of stars given to our product, but rather the cut capacity ratings Hypertherm has for its systems.  If we say “System X has a recommended cut capacity of X inches,” what do we mean? The word “recommended” seems to throw people off, but really all it means […] Read more


Automated cutting: Putting it all together

Sometimes its good to get back to basics, so here’s a post that covers one of the most common automated cutting methods in use today, cutting on an X-Y table. Its probably worth noting that although the photo on the left shows one of our Powermax air plasma systems, most of what follows can apply to […] Read more

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