Welcome to SPARK the blog

We’re launching SPARK the blog for a few reasons. The first, we think there’s a lot of misinformation about the best way to cut metal…or stone…or whatever else needs to be cut. As a manufacturer of three different types of cutting methods-plasma, laser, and waterjet-we think we’re in a unique position to help you choose […] Read more


Making better holes with plasma

Making good-quality holes with plasma is easier than ever with Hypertherm’s True Hole technology, but what if you don’t have True Hole? Though not quite as automated, it is entirely possible to make some very nice holes using plasma on a non-True Hole system. Here are some things you can do to get your holes […] Read more


Diamond, ruby, or sapphire?

No, we aren’t planning to send you the gemstone of your choice, but rather are talking about the orifice for your waterjet system. People often wonder which of the three orifice types they should choose. There are a few factors that might play into your decision, but before we get to that, let’s quickly review […] Read more


Acceptable vs. non-acceptable consumable wear – shield

So far during our series on “Acceptable vs. non-acceptable consumable wear” we’ve covered the electrode, nozzle, and swirl ring. Next up is the shield. The shield has two main purposes, two critical features, and two things that often cause it to fail. The two main purposes of the shield are to (1) shield the nozzle […] Read more


Acceptable vs. non-acceptable consumable wear – swirl ring

Up next in our series on “Acceptable vs. non-acceptable consumable wear” is the swirl ring. The swirl ring’s job is to control and swirl the plasma gas around the electrode and into the nozzle. This is done to control the arc attachment point on the electrode emitter, and the gas flow through the nozzle orifice […] Read more

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