BAE Systems discovers the versatility of plasma

From dismantling an old ship to overhauling Navy and other vessels, plasma is a versatile tool to have as BAE Systems and hundreds of others can attest. BAE is a global defense and security company that delivers a full range of products and services to air, land, and naval forces, as well as clients in […] Read more


Mississippi Queen cut in Twain (and then some)

Ask the Delta Queen Steamboat Company and they’ll tell you the Mississippi Queen is “the fulfillment of Mark Twain’s dream.” Over time, however, Twain’s dream has become too expensive to maintain so the riverboat, once the largest in the world, was recently dismantled. The task was no small job. Because of the size of the […] Read more


Error free updates with Hypernet

If you own a Hypertherm EDGE Pro or MicroEDGE Pro CNC along with an ArcGlide THC and HyPerformance XD plasma system then you may have access to a powerful communications tool called Hypernet. Hypertherm’s Hypernet is an Ethernet based protocol that allows the above systems to communicate with one another. Another advantage is that you […] Read more


Get answers to your questions

Hypertherm’s Jim Colt has a lot of accumulated knowledge when it comes to industrial cutting (35+ years in the industry and a genuine love of fabricating will do that!) Fortunately for all of us, he’s more than willing to share what he knows. Here’s a look at some of the questions Jim has answered in […] Read more

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