The automotive top 10

Here it is. The top ten reasons every automotive professional or hobbyist needs a plasma cutting system in their garage. 1. Plasma can cut just about any metal and is especially well suited for cutting the thicknesses auto professionals and hobbyists encounter most from gauge up to an inch thick. This includes carbon steel, aluminum, […] Read more


Consumable life vs. the cost of a cutting system

Here’s something not everyone may consider when shopping for a cutting system: the cost of consumables. When out shopping, we tend to focus on the price of the system itself. Understandable. But as Hypertherm customer Mike Jansen, an artist in Pennsylvania, told us last week, it’s important to also consider the operating cost. “Many of […] Read more


Waterjet cut quality and the role of the cutting head

As is true with plasma, when cutting with a waterjet system, there are several things that combine to impact your cut quality. You need to have a well designed system with a solid table, an advanced CNC and torch height control, software, and a pump. The cutting head is also an important component. Here we […] Read more


10 common plasma cutting mistakes

A combination of fast cut speeds and low operating cost make plasma cutting one of the most productive metal cutting processes around. But there’s an “if.” You need to have a good operator and you need to keep your plasma system and table (if you’re using a table-based system) in good shape, as discussed in […] Read more


Robotic software for fabrication of 3D shapes

Hypertherm’s acquired several companies over the years in an effort to support our customers and their changing needs. A few examples: we announced the addition of Hypertherm Automation CNC and THCs to our portfolio in 1999, ProNest CAD/CAM software in 2009, and Waterjet pumps in 2013. This week Hypertherm brought a company called Jabez Technologies into […] Read more


Better shaped plasma cut holes

We’ve written about plasma cut holes before. It’s one of our most asked questions…”How can I make a better shaped hole?” If you are in a high volume production environment and have a Hypertherm HyPerformance Plasma then the answer is simple: use True Hole. True Hole will automatically apply the right parameters so you get […] Read more


Bridge construction then and now

A couple days ago, a group of us were able to visit a bridge construction site near our headquarters. The site is on Route 4 near Enfield where the New Hampshire Department of Transportation is undertaking a project to replace a bridge that is estimated to carry about 17,000 cars and trucks over the Mascoma […] Read more


Monthly cleaning and inspection of your plasma system

We’ve covered daily and weekly tips for your plasma system. Now it’s time to move on to monthly tips. There are five or six things, depending on the system you have, that you should do once a month. Essentially, you’ll want to clean the inside of your power supply, inspect the electrical components, and check […] Read more

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